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No Bear Hugs

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

Air temperatures are rising along with hungry bears. As the hibernation period draws to a close, bear sightings in the ‘Boat are a daily occurrence. Cute as they may be, we caution all our guests never to get close. Stay safe with a few tips.

  • Never approach a bear or surprise one. Bears can be defensive, especially when they feel threatened, or you get between a sow and her cubs.
  • If you startle a bear, make noise, back away slowly and do not run.
  • Make sure to keep car and condo doors and windows closed.
  • Clean up after using a BBQ grill and secure all food and garbage. Even unintentionally feeding a bear by leaving out trash can lead to negative behaviors and endanger the bear’s wellbeing.
  • Do not leave any food inside a vehicle, as break ins by bears are a frequent occurrence.
  • On trails, look for fresh tracks, scat, and other signs such as new claw marks on trees.  Avoid hiking alone as the noise from a group is likely to deter animals.
  • Bear bells and bear spray are popular but only work at close proximity, which we want to avoid at all costs!

Going Wild Over Edibles

Monday, May 10th, 2021

Okay, so it’s not what you think – the green movement in Steamboat Springs is more than just legalized pot. The edibles we are talking about are the wild and wonderful plants, flowers and shrubs growing all over Routt County.

Never are they more celebrated that at the annual Wild Edible Feast, now in it’s 21styear. The annual fundraiser for Yampatika, Steamboats’ environmental education nonprofit is a favorite with every foodie in town.

The event, which suffered a one-year hiatus, due to COVID-19, is always a sellout. Diners sit down to a mystery smorgasbord of flavors, conjured up by the best chefs in town.

On Thursday, May 27 guests are invited to join one of two sittings at Aurum Restaurant in downtown Steamboat. This year’s feast will include moose, elk, antelope and duck eggs, with seasonal staples such as wild onions, ferns and dandelion leaves. Chefs will be kept in the dark to the week’s harvest, until unusual pickings such as cattail root are delivered to the kitchen.  

 “Every year the produce is always a little different based on the weather,” said Joe Haines, Yampatika’s Executive Director. Tickets are on sale for two sittings, 5.00 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Local naturalist, Mary O’ Brien and Yampatika founder, Karen Vail will give a “Behind the Scenes’ mini master class in wild edibles between sittings for an additional fee.

Out of town guests, who won’t make the event can dabble in their own kitchen by signing up for Yampatika’s virtual master class; ‘Dig In, Cooking with Wild Edibles.’


Dine in a Gondola, a Yurt or a Mini Chalet

Sunday, February 28th, 2021

Yurts at Aurum

What does a gondola, a yurt and a mini Chalet have in common? They are Steamboat’s answer to quirky dining options since the onset of COVID-19. Three local restaurants are offering intimate alternatives to combat limited capacity restrictions. 


Reserve one of three heated yurts situated in the grounds of Aurum on the banks of the Yampa River. Each yurt can hold up to eight people at a cost of $115 per adult and $45 for children, 12 and under. Bookings require a minimum of four adults. Guests can enjoy a six-course Chef’s Tasting Menu. 


A relative newcomer to Steamboat’s array of eateries, Sauvage brings a taste of France to the Yampa Valley. Guests have the option to dine, in mini heated chalets set on the patio by the restaurant’s street facade. Three, five and eight-course menus blend French favorites such as vichyssoise, cabineros, caviar and mussels. 

Gondola at Mountain Tap

Mountain Tap 

This is the perfect gondola ride for anyone who is afraid of heights.  Each of the three retired cars has been decked out with a table, electric heaters and blue tooth speakers. They can accommodate up six adults with squeezing space for two children. Food is a family-friendly line up of small plates, snacks and wood-fired pizzas. Adults only get to sample the local brews including favorites like Cliffed Out, Chasing Sunset and Passionate Pedaler. A minimum spend of $100 is expected for weekdays, and $150 on weekends. 



Steamboat is Back Open for Business

Sunday, May 31st, 2020
Downtown Steamboat Springs

Downtown Steamboat Springs/ Steamboat Ski Resort

On June 1, the lodging ban that was implemented as a safety measure in response to the outbreak of COVID-19, will be lifted. For our team at Condos in Steamboat, it brings a huge sigh of relief. After months of uncertainty, Routt County is now open to visitors.

This summer will be a summer like no other. Like everyone, we’ve had to adapt to a new ‘norm.’ For most of us in Steamboat Springs, we’ve been separated from our neighbors, friends and families. Our activities amounted to walks around the block, or occasionally, a hike in the backcountry as the weather warmed. The pace of life slowed and allowed us to take stock of what is important.

Mindsets vary on how we move forward, but there is one common thread that binds us all. We don’t want to go back to the hustle and bustle of life’s crazy pace.  This summer we won’t have the regular festivals and laundry list of events that keep our wonderful visitors coming in droves. Instead we will have our trails, rivers, lakes, mountains and meadows to play in. Restaurants, shops and galleries will be open in accordance to state laws. 

This is the summer that will be devoid of distractions that keep us from enjoying the simple things. The bare bones of this little ski town are the reason most of us chose to call Steamboat home. It’s the people and the place that keep the curse of this former cow town alive, “Those who leave the Yampa Valley, will always return.”

We hope you will return to us soon.

If you are planning to visit this summer, please pack a mask. Routt County has made it a legal requirement to wear a facemask in public, even though it is not mandated by the state.

It Takes A Valley and Then Some

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Do you love Steamboat Springs and its passion for offering warm western hospitality?

Like everywhere around the world, this little community is hurting from the outbreak of COVID-19. None of us could have predicted the situation we are all in, and it saddens us not to be sharing time with our valued clients.

The ski area is closed and stores have temporarily shut their doors, leaving many of our wonderful workforce out of jobs.  One local retailer put their thinking caps on and came up with a way to help the community, no matter where you are. Steamboat Hat Shop and Summit Apparel Solutions have partnered with LiftUp of Routt County to raise funds in order to financially assist those most in need.

If you want to keep Steamboat strong, here’s the perfect way to show support. Wear it on your next visit and we can guarantee an even warmer welcome than ever. https://www.steamboathatshop.com/steamboat-strong

Stay safe and well.

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