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No Bear Hugs

Posted by Kim Filler

Air temperatures are rising along with hungry bears. As the hibernation period draws to a close, bear sightings in the ‘Boat are a daily occurrence. Cute as they may be, we caution all our guests never to get close. Stay safe with a few tips.

  • Never approach a bear or surprise one. Bears can be defensive, especially when they feel threatened, or you get between a sow and her cubs.
  • If you startle a bear, make noise, back away slowly and do not run.
  • Make sure to keep car and condo doors and windows closed.
  • Clean up after using a BBQ grill and secure all food and garbage. Even unintentionally feeding a bear by leaving out trash can lead to negative behaviors and endanger the bear’s wellbeing.
  • Do not leave any food inside a vehicle, as break ins by bears are a frequent occurrence.
  • On trails, look for fresh tracks, scat, and other signs such as new claw marks on trees.  Avoid hiking alone as the noise from a group is likely to deter animals.
  • Bear bells and bear spray are popular but only work at close proximity, which we want to avoid at all costs!

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