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It Takes A Valley and Then Some

Posted by Kim Filler

Do you love Steamboat Springs and its passion for offering warm western hospitality?

Like everywhere around the world, this little community is hurting from the outbreak of COVID-19. None of us could have predicted the situation we are all in, and it saddens us not to be sharing time with our valued clients.

The ski area is closed and stores have temporarily shut their doors, leaving many of our wonderful workforce out of jobs.  One local retailer put their thinking caps on and came up with a way to help the community, no matter where you are. Steamboat Hat Shop and Summit Apparel Solutions have partnered with LiftUp of Routt County to raise funds in order to financially assist those most in need.

If you want to keep Steamboat strong, here’s the perfect way to show support. Wear it on your next visit and we can guarantee an even warmer welcome than ever. https://www.steamboathatshop.com/steamboat-strong

Stay safe and well.

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