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Save on Your Ski Vacation with Affordable Steamboat Springs Lodging

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An out-of-town skiing vacation can be quite expensive. However, there are simple ways to cut down on your expenses, such as those listed in an article by Bankrate.com for Good Morning America. If you plan on going to a well-known skiing destination like Steamboat Springs, you can get a few cost-saving tips from this article, including the following:

1. Plan ahead
It’s fun to head to the slopes when the mood strikes and the snow flies, but you’ll pay a steep price for spontaneity. To save money, make sure you plan ahead.
“Many people wait until the snow starts falling to book. That’s a mistake,” says David Cronheim, general counsel and editor for Ultimate-Ski.com. By booking your lift tickets early — before Labor Day — you can save more than 20 percent, he says.

2. Go with a crowd
To save cash, travel in packs. “Traveling with a group can save you lots,” says Marek Zareba, a team member at Crowdtilt.com, a crowdsourcing site for groups of friends to pool their money together for a specific purpose. “Groups of 20 or more enjoy huge discounts on lift tickets, lessons and rentals almost everywhere.”

In addition to these two tips, the article also suggests choosing the right time and lodging for your vacation. Skiing on weekdays and off-season, for example, is generally less expensive. Also, by going as a group, you can choose quality Steamboat Springs lodging that will fit you all in, and for which you can share the cost. Vacation rentals are a good option for a group vacation, as you can choose from a wide array of accommodations like houses or condos, with varying sizes and number of rooms.

6 tips to save money on your ski vacation
Fully-serviced Steamboat Springs condos also come with kitchens and dining areas, allowing you to save on costs for dining out. You and your group can have fun making your own meals and dining in the privacy of your own unit. Additionally, because of these facilities’ full service feature, all you have to think about is how to make the most of your outdoor skiing experience.

(Source: 6 Tips to Save Money on Your Ski Vacation, ABC News)

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