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Choosing Hotels in Steamboat Springs: Family-Friendly Alternatives

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While many households hate winter, others just can’t get over the thrilling adventures it brings. Some even plan a skiing vacation in Steamboat Springs, where over 165 inches of snow covers the mountain slopes each year. It becomes even more exciting when the family gets to stay in a hotel where everything is just right for their needs. An article in WhatToExpect.com provides simple tips on choosing a family-friendly hotel or resort.

“Whether it’s a sweeping suite or a tiny room, make sure the accommodations you choose fit your family’s needs. If there’s no kitchenette, can you rent a mini-fridge to store your breast milk or formula, snacks, and drinks (or a mini-bar you can empty and fill up with your own, more appropriate and less-expensive selections)? A bathtub, so you won’t have to try rinsing sand off a squirmy tot in the shower? Also, unless you plan on going to bed at 7 p.m. when your child does, make sure there’s a balcony, an alcove, or best of all, another room where you and your partner can hang out without waking up your sleeping beauty.”

The ideal hotels in Steamboat Springs for a family skiing vacation are those near ski resorts, with all the amenities that are suitable for child care. Unfortunately, traditional hotels often have restrictions that can not only lead to higher costs, but can also be confining and less fun for families with children.

picking the right family vacation resort hotel

Those looking for more freedom of movement and affordability, but with all the amenities a regular hotel offers, should consider alternative accommodations. One such alternative is vacation rentals. These fully-furnished houses, condos, or apartments come complete with the right number of rooms, including, in most cases, a kitchen where the family can prepare their own meals.

Additionally, luxury vacation rentals, such as those offered by Condos in Steamboat, come fully serviced, making them better options than higher-cost hotels in Steamboat Springs, CO. Unless planned carefully, family vacations can be unduly expensive and hard to manage, so you need to make sure you choose the right accommodations for the entire family.

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