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Condo Rentals: The Comfort of Home and Hotels in Steamboat Springs

Posted by Kim Filler

The storm that made for a white Halloween on Thursday night made for top-to-bottom skiing for those willing to work to get it Friday morning. Matt Tredway made his first assault this season on Mount Werner soon after an Oct. 4 storm. That pounding bogged Steamboat down in a foot of heavy, wet snow. It snapped tree limbs around town, but it made for a glorious start to the season.

To numerous Americans waiting for the snow, its arrival triggered the kind of excitement this time of the year brings. Joel Reichenberger, writing for Steamboat Today, underlines such a point. Snow came early and thick, and the seasoned snowboarders and skiers couldn’t wait to make multiple trips to Mount Werner in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


From a balmy 6.6 degrees Celsius, temperatures in Ski Town USA usually drop to 15 below zero by the time of the Christmas and New Year holidays. As such, winter sports and outdoor enthusiasts are given more than enough time to savor the pristine white blanket.

If you’re planning to visit Steamboat Springs for the first time, don’t miss The Steamboat Ski Resort, of course, with its skiing and biking trails. Nature lovers will enjoy the Yampa River Botanic Park’s gardens and ponds, or Fish Creek Falls’ good hiking trails, which happen to be handicap-friendly.

One way to make the most out of the early-season snow is to book condos, townhomes or duplex units in Steamboat Springs through providers like Condos in Steamboat. Staying in these accommodations is like staying in grand hotels in Steamboat Springs with some value-added features thrown in. Not only are the views majestic, but the variety of condo types and locations allows guests to find one perfectly suited to their needs.

What makes these spacious units special is that they feel like home. Some units come with balconies, hot tubs, an indoor pool, and the usual amenities you find at home. It’s a good place to relax after a day’s trip to some of Steamboat Springs’ popular attractions.

If you want to feel like lodging in one of the hotels in Steamboat Springs, CO but without the commercial atmosphere, try a 1 or 2-bedroom unit at Condos in Steamboat, or more rooms if you’re traveling as a group. In a lovely place like Steamboat Springs, you’d want the same comforts of home.

(Article Excerpt and Image from: Early-season snow sweet for local skiers and snowboarders, Steamboat Today)

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