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Posted by Kim Filler

ToddLodwickSteamboat’s local beneath the flag 

Celebrating our town’s Olympic heritage we couldn’t be prouder of our very own Todd Lodwick, leading the way in Sochi for Team USA as today’s flag-bearer at the opening ceremony. In recognition of his unrelenting commitment to Nordic skiing and our country, Condos in Steamboat is sharing some “All about Todd facts”.

1. He was born and raised in Steamboat, one of four boys.

2. He is the father of two kids, daughter Charley and son Finn.

3. Todd is a 6 time World Cup Winner

4. He is the nation’s first ever 6 time Olympian

5. A golfer in his spare time, he plays off a 9 handicap.

6. Loves biking with friends as part of his training in warmer months.

7. He’s a Mossy Oak pro staffer, a big passion for bow-hunting.

8. He avoids eating gluten – misses donuts among other things!

9. Favorite book – Moby Dick

10. What would he like to do post Olympics – write a book, start a clothes line, play golf – just a few ideas he’s shared so far.

From us all here at Condos in Steamboat, fly that flag high Todd, we’re all rooting for you and the team.


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