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Photo Steamboat Pilot

Photo Steamboat Pilot

We often get asked for quick and easy hiking options from our guests. At Condos in Steamboat we came up with a view in and around town favorites. If you find others you loved, let us know about them.
Spring Creek – located close the Steamboat Springs High School this relatively flat track is a local favorite for walkers and runners. Sheltered by tree covered hillsides the path starts out easily opening up to a picturesque pond area with covered picnic spot. If you are pushed for time or walking with little ones this makes the perfect stop for a snack before turning around to head back.
Emerald – The options are endless on Emerald but be prepared for a lot of uphill and steep downhill walking. Trails run in many directions but making it to the top known as the quarry loop is well worth the hike, the views of the Valley are spectacular.
The Sanctuary Trail – A small and easy trail running through the Sanctuary subdivision. The trail doubles as a cross country track during winter. Fish Creek runs through this area with vegetation ranging from aspen groves to wildflowers making it a haven for wildlife.
Fish Creek Falls – a well-known Steamboat landmark, walking at the Falls offers a number of choices. For the easiest option with great views stay up high and head for the overlook. A couple of benches double as a rest and picnic spot, especially popular with little people. Either head down a steep trail towards the base of the falls for an alternative viewing point, or carry on approximately 6 miles to Dumont Lake.
Nature Trail on Gondola – Perhaps the greatest view of all can be seen from the top of the Gondola. Hiking options on Mount Werner are plentiful but the majority are very strenuous. The one mile nature trail is a gentle option with plenty stunning scenery, vegetation and birdlife to be seen. Several strategically placed benches allow opportunities for resting and of course picnicking!
While it is unlikely to come across bear, moose or mountain lion it is still a possibility. Read up on safety tips before going and pack a whistle, it is a cheap and effective deterrent. Remember to pack plenty water and wear sunscreen.

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