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Posted by Kim Filler

Hiking in the Colorado wilderness and forgotten or run out of something to nibble on? No worries at this time of year with wildflowers in abundance and many of them edible. After checking in with a few local experts here are a list of our favorite impromptu Steamboat hiking edibles.


Western Blue Flax – the seeds are used in many on the shelf products as they are a great source of fiber. Oils from the seeds are work wonders for skin problems, but watch out as eating too many can cause a toxic reaction.


Sunflowers – another familiar snacking staple, the whole flower is edible but it’s the seeds that are more common.


condosgoatsYellow Salsify or Goats Beard – the young shoots and leaves can be eaten as a vegetable.



Bergamot – known for making great cup of tea, this member of the mint family is citrus in taste and smells like oregano.



Indian Pacondospaintbrushint Brush – look for a white tip above the red flowers, it can be removed revealing sweet nectar that is similar in taste to honey.



Gooseberry – A multi-purpose plant, the flowers can be yellow, white, pink and red. Berries often picked and made into jams and jellies. Currants are plentiful during summer months. condosgooseberry



Prickly rose or Dog rose – great source of Vitamin C and growing in abundance here. Rosehips can be eaten raw but wonderful when made into tea and even wine! condosrose




Yacondosyarrowrrow – used to fight colds and wonderful for improving circulation. At one time it was used to help stop bleeding. The Colorado Yarrow has a white flower and can also be used as an insect repellant.

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