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Seminars in Steamboat Expected to Fill Up Steamboat Springs Lodging

Posted by Kim Filler

A December 20, 2013 Steamboat Today article reported the recent developments in tourism in Steamboat Springs, Colorado which could have a positive or negative effect on your vacation plans in the city this summer. Luke Graham writes:

Steamboat Updates

A talk about income inequality and the continued dialogue about health care will highlight the Seminars at Steamboat series this summer.
Two dates in the normal four-part series recently were announced. The first set for July 10 will feature Timothy Smeeding and Charles Murray presenting a dialogue about “Income Inequality and Social Mobility.”

Then on Aug. 7, Arthur Caplan, who is the director of medical ethics at New York University Langone Medical Center, will lead his discussion, “Rationing Health Care Ethical Questions, Ethical Answers.”

“I think these topics need to be in the national conversation right now,” said Kate Hawk, chairwoman for Seminars at Steamboat. “They need to be of differing opinion that need to be discussed. We want to bring a new perspective to our audience in Steamboat that creates follow-up discussions, as well.”

The free seminars and events will definitely put a strain on prime Steamboat Springs lodging options in the summer season. Steamboat Springs is an extremely attractive destination for ski enthusiasts and their families who simply want to have a good time. Opportunities for night skiing, snowmobiling and sleigh rides during winter, and mountain biking and hiking, among countless other activities in the summer give Steamboat Springs an irresistible appeal to tourists.

If your family decides to push through with your summer trip to the city, or do a late February ski vacation, consider condo vacation rentals in Steamboat Springs instead of a hotel. Renting condos and townhomes has several benefits; after you’ve tried these accommodations, you might not want to reserve a hotel room again for your family.

Condo, townhouse and duplex vacation rentals, offered by companies like Condos in Steamboat, can provide a larger lodging space for tourists at a lower cost, in comparison to hotels. This is perfect for families or groups of people looking to enjoy what Steamboat Springs has to offer.

Another benefit of vacation rentals is the absence of other fees. Vacation rentals usually have complete amenities like kitchens and TVs that are free of charge. They are perfect for families looking to spend time together on a tighter financial leash.

Steamboat Springs is a wonderful place to go for a vacation, so it pays to make the most out of your budget. Those who want to make an early start in their summer reservations should contact vacation rental managers like Condos in Steamboat to get a head start on their travel plans.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Seminars at Steamboat updates summer schedule, Steamboat Today, December 20, 2013)

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