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Steamboat folks off to play tourist

Posted by Kim Filler

Something very strange has been happening over the last couple days in Steamboat. It’s no surprise to those who have called the Yampa Valley home for years, but if you stumble upon our little town about now you may wonder why this apparent ghost town is typically a thriving tourist hot spot.

It’s Spring Break, the mountain just closed; the snow is melting and guess what? It’s our turn to play tourist anywhere but here. So where to the people who make a living gladly facilitating the vacation necessities of others go to relax? Condos in Steamboat did a little survey and here are the top 10 locations for this year’s Spring Break travelers. condosnewbench

1.       Moab , UT

2.       Fruita, CO (no surprise we morph from Ski Town USA to Bike Town USA after hearing the top 2 spots).

3.       San Juan River (our powder hounds are river rats the rest of the year).

4.       Cabo, Mexico

5.       Salyulita, Mexico

6.       Tulum, Mexico (yep, we yearn for the ocean every now and then).

7.       San Diego, CA

8.       Bahamas – our seasoned fishermen love to bone fish.

9.       Florida – (Pensacola has been the Filler’s go to favorite for many years but not this year, more on that later).

10.   Los Angeles, CA – Where else to polish up on hospitality tips than Disney?

Not everyone chooses to get out of Dodge, why would you when you get the chance to have Steamboat’s natural playground all to yourself. So here’s a little secret from Condos in Steamboat…..if you want to experience Steamboat without the crowds come now. The ski area may be closed, but back country options are endless, quiet and beautiful. Hiking trails are resurfacing and the river is at pre-snow melt raging levels making it perfect for kayaking. Stores are swopping skis and snowboards for bikes and paddleboards, so there are deals to be had. Plus you won’t need to wait in line for a table at the wonderful eateries choosing to remain open between seasons.

Hmm, sounds so good we think we’ll stay.

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