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Senior Ski Trips: Why Choose Condos Over Hotels in Steamboat Springs

Posted by Kim Filler

Baby boomers made skiing popular in the 1960s and 1970s, and though this demographic is now in their golden years, the ski industry continues to show its appreciation by offering ski programs for vacationers older than 50. As long as they plan ahead of time, seniors can enjoy the slopes in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

senior vacation stay

When it comes to accommodations, traveling seniors have a lot of options, but one of the common dilemmas they might face is choosing between condos or hotels in Steamboat Springs, CO. In fact, an article posted at Travel4Seniors.com presents this reasonable argument,

On your next vacation trip, would you rather spend it in a condo instead of a hotel? Of course, you won’t get daily maid service, be able to order breakfast in bed nor have a choice of three or four restaurants just downstairs. However, some advantages of renting a condo may be worth considering.

To elaborate further, the article goes on to share the following benefits of staying in a condo:


Provided that you made reservations early, there’s no way that you won’t get to book a condo rental in Steamboat Springs for a nice price. If you’re lucky, you may even save more money by taking advantage of special deals, promotions, or packages. For instance, leading condo rentals such as Condos in Steamboat offer discounts if you choose to stay for several nights.

Peace and Quiet

Peak season in top skiing destinations can bring an influx of tourists that crowd hotel lobbies and hallways. Fortunately, you can avoid the noisy and congested atmosphere of busy hotels by checking in at a condo instead. Condo buildings tend to be more quiet and serene.

Nice Meals

If you prefer cooking up your own breakfast, or want to save on food expenses, you should go for a condo rental. The Travel4Seniors article provides this clear explanation:

Instead of paying $50 per person for dinner in a posh hotel or nearby city restaurant, you can buy the same ingredients at a local grocery for a total of $50 or less (and no tips required), and cook them in the condo’s full kitchen. Instead of waiting in line to get seated in a noisy, pricey restaurant, you can have quiet meals in privacy.

Indeed, as an alternative to hotels in Steamboat Springs, it seems that condos won’t disappoint the practical traveler – whatever his or her age may be.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Senior Vacation Stay: Rent a Condo or Hotel Room?, Travel4Seniors)

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