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Santa’s Little Helper

Posted by Kim Filler

Christmas is upon us and not everyone can sit back knowing their beautifully wrapped parcels are sitting under the tree. We are all guilty of it, including me, for leaving things until the last minute. Luckily finding the perfect, and sometimes unusual gift in Steamboat is not difficult. Here to help those of us who need a little inspiration is a Letterman style suggestion of 10 uniquely local offerings.

10. Alpaca wool from Snow Diamond Alpacas. Raised here in the Valley, the soft alpaca yarn finds it’s way around the country all year long. Every now and then this family farm opens it’s door for tours – keep an eye out if you’re in town, it’s well worth the trip.

9. Honey Stinger – the ideal stocking filler for the family athlete, never again will fading energy be a problem. Doubles as a great kids snack for keeping little skiers happy on the hill.

8. Rachel’s BBQ sauce mix it up weekly with Habanera Peach to Raspberry Chipotle – Rachel’s is also my “winner of the guaranteed longest line at every Steamboat craft/ arts fair throughout the year”.

7. Little Moon Essentials – who couldn’t resist bathing in a potion named “tired old ass”?

6. A custom made BAP jacket sewn together in the little red house on Oak Street.

5. Routt County Woollens, if it can be made from wool, they’ve likely got it covered. Everything from an oven mitt to a blanket.

4. Steamboat Soap Company – bring a little of the wild best to your tub – combine western art with luxury soap and you’ll have a Rusty Spur or Ride the Rodeo by the faucet. Caution: the packaging is so gorgeous your recipient may not want to open it.

3. Chef Dean Martin’s Asian BBQ sauce – grilling will never be the same again, think the pacific rim meets Texas.

2. Daniela’s Toffee and Chocolates – hand crafted by Swiss native Daniela in her downtown store, The Homesteader, these sumptuous goodies are shipped monthly to Leno’s green room in LA for the rich and famous to enjoy.

1. Smartwool socks – so tried and tested even our very own 5 time Olympian Todd Lodwick makes it his go to gift.

See it’s not too late; there is something there for everyone, so find your inner Santa and get shopping!



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