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Grab one of our Steamboat Lodging Fall deals

Posted by Kim Filler

Fall is nature’s feast for our senses; at least that is my humble opinion. Perhaps Mother Nature needs the human touch when it comes to taste. Turning that plump orange pumpkin into a delectable cinnamon topped pie. For everything else, she has it covered. The earthy scent as you rake leaves, the crunch of fall foliage underfoot and the sound of birds chirping planning their imminent journey south.

While I can’t help you to experience every sensory feel of fall, I can help with one. I thought today we might take a drive, not the type where we sit next to each other having inane conversations, snacking incessantly as we go. No, this is a virtual journey with me at the wheel taking those that won’t make it here in person to witness Steamboat at its most golden.

While most people think of Steamboat as Ski Town USA, we began our journey as Cow Town USA, and that side of us still remains.

Next time don’t be a passenger, see for yourself and be quick you never know when Mother Nature will swop fall leaves for snow. Grab a Steamboat lodging fall deal, it’s not too late.


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