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Condos in Steamboat Guests’ enjoy Steamboat’s most colorful weekend

Posted by Kim Filler

balloonsRainbow weekend on Steamboat’s summer calendar of events is one not to miss. Early risers can view a sky dotted with Hot Air Balloons while relaxing over a cup of freshly roasted coffee from their Condos in Steamboat vantage points. And that is just for starters.

Launches take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings and this year Steamboat Chamber was thrilled to welcome back the Saturday evening launch. Having witnessed a storm like no other in this Valley during afternoon, the Glow event was in question. Some torrential rain and gale force winds didn’t deter our balloon enthusiasts and a calm certainly followed the storm. By 8.30pm the base area at Mt Werner was positively illuminated. “It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen” commented Lindsay Zarlengo of Colorado.

For most of the day our Condos in Steamboat guests were dotting around town from Art in the Park, to rugby event ‘The Cowpie Classic’. Yes, if you are wondering the teams really do play for a dried out, framed Cowpie. Past trophies are on display in the town’s Space Station on Lincoln Ave.

While we have great things to say about all this weekend’s goings on, we decided to turn to our guests and ask for their own personal favorites. The clear leader was Art in the Park, a smorgasbord of local and far ranging crafts people who bring their wares to town, setting up a makeshift camp west of town by Steamboat’s Library.

As the weekend draws to a close for another year, here are some of the favorite stops voted by our guests at Condos in Steamboat. The Art in the Park 2013 top 10!

artcaliforniastyle1. Eagle Nest Chairs – “it’s like being held by someone” commented Tracey Wilson who reluctantly managed to get out of her total state of relaxation before buying two of the suspended hammock like chairs. As the owner’s wife shared with us all, the design is her husband’s, a brainwave following the birth of their son many years ago. You have to sit in it to see what we mean! www.wildwest-eaglechair.com

2. Artist Linda McKinnis and her husband were drawing a crowd with her beautiful and boldly colored abstract creations. A retired engineer, her husband has been having a little welding fun adding metal figures and funky electrical material to some of her pieces. Visiting from California for the show, the McInnis’s have been blown away by the setting and friendliness of Steamboat. www.linda-mcinnis-designs.com

3. Kids loved Sneekams hair twirls, Condos in Steamboat Georgian visitor, 8 year old Hayley Gantt was stocking up. “They are so cool I am buying some for my friends too”.

4. Todd Werthing from Texas was all about the food, “I’m not much of a shopper, but the food sure is great”. Running alongside the river, a temporary food walk provided fuel for those needing anything from freshly made limeade to oversized turkey legs and gyros.

5. Spin Art had lines throughout the whole weekend, local owner Charlie Holthausen has converted an old vent from the Steamboat Ski Area, into a motorized spinner allowing wild creations to be spun onto T-shirts and boards. Along with my three young kids our own stop at Spin Art proved to be a little more than we bargained for. A momentary storm blasted threw town making participants and visitors run for cover against the wild rains, wind and zaps of lightening. Waterlogged and windswept the event took a breather, re-opening with as much energy and atmosphere as ever.

artmakingamasterpiece6. Wondering what to do with a disused wooden wine case, a visit to Alpine Wine Design brought a smile to many faces with their ingenuity. Clever creations from trays to dog bowls had people talking. Trey and Joanie Redfern fell for the sink in a cask, driving from Texas, they joked “we’d need a U-Haul to get that one back!” www.alpinewinedesign.com

7. The enchanting sound of the flute had visitors swarming High Spirit Flutes. Beautiful hand crafted instruments were on display with sporadic demonstrations throughout the day.

8. Inspired by Murano glass during her time in Italy, Miss Olivia’s Line owner Megan Bassett had a constant line wanting her fused glass pieces. Brightly colored pendants, earrings, hair clips and belt clasps made for difficult choices. “There is so much to choose from, it’s hard not to spend everything right here” joked sisters Sally and Megan Franks. www.MissOliviasLine.com

9. Old time Steamboat favorite Rachel’s BBQ sauce was back as a well-loved staple selling to anyone who relished the idea of transforming their next burger.

10. The Yampa River – for most of the weekend the sun shone, and the temperatures rose. Where better to cool hot feet than dipping a toe in the river running by.

In a nutshell, despite the changeable offerings from Mother Nature, Rainbow Weekend brought us locals and our happy guests out and about with a smile.


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