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Are Condos and Hotels in Steamboat Springs Ready to Take in More Guests?

Posted by Kim Filler


There are many different ways a town can generate money, and one of them is through tourism. By attracting visitors, spending becomes more active, businesses flourish, and more taxes are generated. A report called, “Steamboat Chamber wants to broaden efforts to attract more group events to town,” posted in SteamboatToday.com last October 7, 2013 shares the Chamber’s vision for the town’s growth:

The goal of the program in the first year would be to attract three to five more group events to Steamboat. The Chamber estimates that if this is realized, it would increase hotel room nights by 2,250 to 3,750, lodging tax revenue by $10,125 to $16,875 and sales tax revenue by $9,000 to $15,000.

“The good thing about this program is that long term, if it’s successful, it will fund itself,” Kern said. “The commissions off of bookings would cover the cost of the staff time and the infrastructure.”

The Chamber aims to attract more groups like the Mustang Roundup through a group sales pilot program. If approved and ratified, one of the primary beneficiaries of the program are the condos for rent and hotels in Steamboat Springs, since more visitors are expected to make bookings and reservations. But the looming concern that comes with this development is if the hotels are ready for the impending boom:

A lot will be expected from the hotels and lodgings, especially by first-time visitors, in terms of the quality of their service. With the influx of visitors, there is the risk of services being compromised just to accommodate all the guests. Hotels might need to have their existing facilities checked if there is a need for repairs and replacements.

Here in Steamboat, the city attracts about 12 to 15 large groups in a year during events like the Mustang Roundup, the USA Pro Challenge and Triple Crown.

Kern said the city is behind partly because it lacks a program or an independent organization that can go out and effectively market the city to other larger groups.

Once these larger groups hold their special events and gatherings in this city, condos and hotels in Steamboat Springs, CO must also have enough manpower to attend to every guest and provide exceptional customer service and attention. Reputable hotels and lodging providers like Condos in Steamboat can be expected lead the way and provide reliable condo rentals and accommodations, complete with topnotch amenities.

(News from “Steamboat Chamber wants to broaden efforts to attract more group events to town,” SteamboatToday.com, October 7, 2013)

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