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Snap Happy

Posted by Kim Filler


Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club annual Winter Carnival is upon us which means a great many things. For spectators it is a weekend long photo opportunity. Snapping perfect pictures in snowy conditions brings endless challenges so we thought we’d share some tips from local pros with our readers.

  • Snag a good viewing spot to watch the events. The end of the race line is usually a great place to catch action shots, but try to shoot from different angles.
  • Use a faster shutter speed to capture action shots if you have a camera with manual settings.
  • People often avoid a flash when out on the snow but it’s a must among some of the town’s most celebrated photographers.
  • Try shooting with the sun behind your subject zooming in on their face, to lessen shadows and avoid them squinting.
  • For the ultimate night shot at the Carnival fireworks opt for a tripod and long exposures.
  • Capture quintessential Steamboat images at the Steamboat Barn (From Pine Grove turn east on Angel’s View Way). Best taken late afternoon or early evening. For the ultimate ski snap, find your way into the Aspens, shooting toward the sun, to capture sunlight filtering through the trees. Perfect on powdery mornings. Feeling energetic? Snow shoe or cross country up Summit Loop 1A on Rabbit Ears Pass where the views go as far as the eye can see, and you’ll travel through your very own snow globe setting to get to the peak.   fireworks

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