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Hunters on Halloween: Be Prepared, Be Very Prepared

Posted by Kim Filler

wiemerwithhatGoing for a hike over the Halloween weekend in Routt County? If the answer is yes, you and Fido better wear some orange, and we’re not talking about local costumes here.  It’s hunting season, which means take precautions to make you visible when heading off the beaten track.

Condos in Steamboat has been welcoming hunters for years, and we want to make sure even the experts remember to come to town prepared this weekend ,and all season long.

Consider fitness: Invest time preparing your body for exercising at high elevations. A balance between aerobic and strength training is recommended. Carrying loads you are unaccustomed to over steep terrain are good reasons to spend time lifting weights, before picking up the pace on a treadmill or stair master.

Dress Appropriately: Contrary to typical packing lists, this one is all about the shoes. We recommend 3 pairs; comfortable camp shoes, waterproof hiking boots plus pack boots in case of snowy weather. Wool socks make a great option to keep feet warm. Account for mixed body temperatures by layering up and avoiding cotton that stays damp. Rain and windproof outer gear, plus rain pants or gators will keep you dry when trampling through wet grasses. A stocking cap or neck and head combo will help regulate temperature, especially on cold nights. Keep hand covered with ski gloves, or to retain dexterity, wool gloves with half fingers. Consider packing a spare pair of tough leather gloves for emergencies such as changing a tire in freezing conditions.

Safety Kit Essentials: Number one has to be a water bottle; it never ceases to amaze us how many people head into the back country without one. A whistle, hopefully not needed, but the noise carries further than a voice in times of trouble. Duct tape, helps everything from blisters to keeping a firearm from slipping in your hand. A compass and orange engineer’s tape are the perfect duo for navigating your path, or the latter could provide clues to where you have been. A fire starter kit including waterproof matches or lighter and dry paper goods. Keep skin comfortable in Colorado’s dry climate with our four essentials; Chap stick, hand lotion, sunscreen and baby powder.

High Country Extras: Adjustable hiking or trekking poles will help stabilize you on rough terrain, especially when packing out an animal. Road conditions can change at any time throughout Colorado. Most out-of-state hunters do not carry chains or have wide winter tires on their vehicles. Packing chains is certainly worth consideration.

Communicate: Let someone know the rough plan of where to intend to hunt. Hopefully it won’t be needed but it’s easier to find someone if we know where to even begin looking.


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