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Top Tips For Your Tootsies

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

penguinIt’s all about the base, and the Condos in Steamboat crew are talking layers here. Mother Nature has begun laying the white carpet for this year’s ski season, which means it’s out with Birkenstocks and shorts, and in with long underwear and sorrels.

Every year we speak to guests asking advice about what to wear for a Steamboat ski trip. We tell them one thing; think layers. Weather changes in the Valley as frequently as a person dressing on a cruise ship. You need to be prepared for anything, and the same applies to little skiers.

We follow the rule of three.

  1. The base layer – avoid cotton. You want moisture to be drawn away from the skin to avoid dampness which inevitably will make you feel miserable.
  2. The mid layer – think of this as your insulating layer. Wool or polar Tec fleece make great options.
  3. The outer layer – number one stipulation, it needs to be waterproof and windproof. It’s all down to personal preference but pit zips, powder skirts and hoods are also things to consider.

We may be biased but locally based SmartWool offers the ultimate solution to preparing for a day of Steamboat winter fun. Taken straight from the horse’s mouth, here’s what they have to say about their two piece solution to layering.

“Like Fibers More wool is more comfortable. Two wool pieces work together as one to manage moisture, improve breathability, regulate temperature and, happily, control odor.

The System Instead of looking at layers individually, we took a “system” approach — designing pieces that not only work independently, but together as well. Fitting together. Made for each other. Smart layers that are more efficient, with less bulk. The result?

Layered together, they don’t bunch or restrict movement, so you can focus on the trail ahead and not your clothing.”

While we’ve got most of the body covered here, don’t forget to remain mindful of your extremities.  Longtime local Doctor Steven Ross suggests always putting gloves and hats on inside before walking outdoors. Good fitting quality socks and boots will give the best chance of avoiding chilly toes. Don’t rely on a helmet to keep the cold out. A face and neck guard will keep you smiling on that cold chair ride up Storm Peak.

Last of all, but by no means least; cover your eyes. Protecting yourself from the intense glare of the sun at this altitude is a must. When it comes to younger skiers rebelling against the goggles, this is one of those times the fight is worth the fight.

Off the hill or trails, we are a pretty casual bunch, so dress down, kick back and pack that suitcase with layers in mind; you won’t go wrong.  Best case, wait to you get here and we’ll set you on the right path in Steamboat’s thoughtfully stocked stores.


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