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It’s a dogs’ life in Steamboat

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Steamboat Spring has earned a notable reputation for many things. One you may not be so familiar with unless you live here, or have four legs and tail, is, Steamboat peoples’ love for dogs. No event shouts out ‘we love Fido,’ like the bi-annual Poochie Paddle. When the town stops to take a breath after the mountain closes, some unusual things happen, no more so, than at the Old Town Hot Springs. Twice a year the pools are drained, cleaned and refilled. The day before the water is emptied, dogs of every shape, size and age can take the plunge. It’s a sight to be seen – or heard. Yelping, howling and mad splashing mask the calls and whistles of owners directing, tossing Frisbees and hauling soggy stragglers from the waters edge. If you are on the fence about bringing the hairiest member of the family on a trip to Steamboat, then just remember – locals call this Dog Town USA, for good reason.


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